Beets For Health

Here is how nutritious beets are, and how they can benefit specific medical conditions.

They contain the vitamins B6 and C. They also contain folate, which is good for pregnancy.

They  are an excellent source of the minerals manganese, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. They also contain a lot of dietary fibre.

They  are supposed to be good for longevity. They contain antioxidants and compounds called antii-inflammatories, which provide many health benefits. Unfortunately only around one in six people eat beets. However, those that do ‘appear’ to be so-called ‘responders’, and gain the most benefits from eating beets by ‘living longer’. So now you know.

they  are also good at detoxification because eating them seems to help remove toxic metabolites from cells. Nobody is sure why, but an accumulation of these waste materials seems to pave the way for a huge battery of medical disorders and diseases. So eat beets when you can.

They are also found to stimulate the key detoxifying compound glutathione. That compound binds to waste products and assists in the excretion of unwanted materials via urine and stools. Not many people like to mention about this…

The amount of vitamin C in beets goes a long way to help boost the immune system. A strong immune system boosts one’s health enormously.

They contain a compound called betaine, a substance sometimes used in treating depression. They also contains the compound tryptophan, which seemingly creates a sense of well-being.

They can also lower blood pressure, and be used to test the levels of stomach acid. If too much beet is consumed and the urine turns pink, that will be indicative of ‘low’ levels of stomach acid. Apparently, nutritionists use beet juice to test stomach acid levels. So stay ahead by adding them to your diet in order to reduce your stomach acidity!

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The fibre and potassium in beets are essential for healthy nerve and muscle function.

They  are amazingly quite low in calories. However, they are fairly high in sugars, which sounds like bad news. Luckily, beet sugars are released gradually when beets are eaten, so there will be no insulin spike. That is good for diabetics.

Few foods are as beneficial as beets in this regard. Beets are therefore a good addition to any diet.