health tips for women losing weight

If you have battled with your weight loss or feel that you may have reached a point where the results do not warrant the effort, you are not alone. Anyone who has seriously faced their weight issues and tried to do something about them has felt just as you do. The key is whether you embrace the excuses or work to find your way out of the morass that you’re in.

Key Points:

  • Slow down and keep it simple, please.
  • Change the people around you who are not supportive.
  • Pay closer attention to the signals your body is sending you.
  • The person you are talking to is no help to you by the way.
  • It’s probably time to move that booty of yours.
  • Give some thought to why you do the things you do.
  • Consider making a change in emphasis.
  • “from effective diet to lifestyle change”

Unfortunately, there are few generic methods for relieving you of this or a little “pill” that you could seek from your healthcare provider, that would make it all go away. What we can do is pause and reassess our initial reasoning for weight loss and what were our original motivations and expectations. In addition, it would be productive, I think, to discuss some key points that you may have forgotten, ignored or not thought of at all. In doing so, you may find enough momentum to “hang in there” and recommit yourself.

In no particular order, the following are thoughts and suggestions that may help:

1. Slow down and keep it simple, please. It is rarely as bad as you feel it is. Think about it. Weight loss is simply about reducing your intake and increasing you movement. That simple. You are just making it more complicated than it truly is. Notice I didn’t say it was easy though. Take some time to think about this. Just one less portion and a simple, short walk each day verse what you have been doing, can make a significant and positive difference. It really doesn’t take a “sea change” to start moving in the right direction.

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2. Change the people around you who are not supportive. There is not doubt that surrounding yourself with those who care about you, look after you and want you to be happy and healthy, will provide the support, feedback and positive re-enforcement you need. Look for them at work, church and within your family and friends. Anywhere where there are people who have an understanding of what you are going through. Tap into their strength.

3. Pay closer attention to the signals your body is sending you. The body has a way of letting you know what works and what hurts. It ranges from that tight feeling around the waist after a few days of pizza and beer to potentially serious aches and pains associated with improper dieting. Don’t ignore any signs. Doing so will almost undoubted make your current ill feeling seem quite small in comparison. On the other hand, proper diet and exercise over time will have your body sending wonderful signals, indeed. You will sleep better, have clearer thoughts, feel much more motivated and even self confident. So, listen up!

4. The person you are talking to is no help to you by the way. You know, the person telling you that its not worth it, you are too old for this, it’s too hot or too cold right now, you don’t deserve a better body or no one really cares if you succeed or fail. That person you are talking to is you! It’s your self-talk. Not very good company is it these days. Well, change it. You have the very real capability of simply not accepting your self-talk’s assessment of your present condition. Once you do that you can start to create an entirely new self-talk tone. One that is motivational, re-enforcing yet occasionally honest with you. There is a lot of reading out there for you, about this topic. Educate yourself and make the change.


5. It’s probably time to move that booty of yours. Really now. Are you complementing your diet efforts with even a modest effort of exercise. I’m not talking about marathons or putting fear into would-be Olympians. How about very modest movement, maybe 10-15 minutes a day. Talk to your doctor about an “entry level” movement program. One of the most wonderful by products of movement is the positive affect on feeling and outlook. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

6. Give some thought to why you do the things you do. Why do you eat more than you should or foods you know are not healthy. At what times of the day is your determination at its least effective. What external factors – family issues, work problems, interpersonal challenges, financial headaches, – are most satisfied or at least alleviated for a short time, by food. If your reaction to these is to overeat, then this is a starting point. Why not try to moderate their influence on you. In some cases, with due consideration and possibly help from loved ones or friends, you may be able to resolve these issues/threats or at least bring them to a point of being manageable. Manageable is good!

7. Consider making a change in emphasis. Think of your wish to lose weight for what it REALLY is – your desire to greatly enhance your overall health; your physical and emotional outlook. You may find that this modification in your thought process could re-motivate you to continue on your journey. It’s not about each individual pound lost but how it contributes to your well being; how good you feel.

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So there you have it, some suggestions and general food for thought. Obvious points of consideration and ideas for real change. Your battle with weight loss isn’t unique but the way you handle it and overcome it, is a unique journey; one that you can craft for yourself if you truly desire it.